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Donate in memory of or in honor of a loved one

Honoring another person is a powerful celebration of their significance to our lives.

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Donations made in honor of a loved one, to celebrate their life or in memory of someone no longer with us, is a powerful tribute to the impact they have on our lives.

To honor a loved one, make your donation today and share your well wishes in the tribute section of the page. Messages will be shared with those honored, at your request.

To make a donation in memory of someone, note the name and relationship of the individual being remembered with your gift. Family may be alerted to your gift at your request. Many choose to request donations in lieu of flowers as an alternative tribute. Simply guide individuals to this website to make their donation or have checks mailed to "Mental Health Connecticut, Attn: Donations, 61 South Main Street, Suite 100, West Hartford, CT 06107.

Donations may be restricted to a program or fund of interest or given without restriction to be used where it is needed most.