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Jasmine Carby, Vannia Alvarez, and Macyn Rosay are three high school students who met in a required senior class at the CREC Academy of Science and Innovation called capstone. This class allowed for them to create an idea of their own that they would work on for the whole year, and they all agreed that mental health awareness was the way to go. With COVID-19, and it’s affects on society physically and mentally the girls wanted to contribute their project to something that would force society to look into something that we’ve never had the need to look at so deeply before, mental health. The girls started their journey by hosting a bake sale at their schools boy’s soccer game, followed by their next steps of now creating distinctive T-shirts for their own clothing brand. Now these three girls work together on their journey to raise money for mental health awareness, who met by chance and stick together by choice. Join them in their journey to cure mental health, by donating today.

Just a small donation will go a long way to help raise money for Mental Health Connecticut.